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Canyon Lands, Utah
Lewa Conservation, Kenya
We Are Africa/FUSE 2019
Seychelles, Tortoise

 my story

The first time I fell in love, it was with nature and wildlife. It is a love affair that has never ended and continues to ignite a sense of curiosity and adventure that takes me around the world in search of creative solutions to our most pressing conservation conundrums. As an impassioned global connector, environmental entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and intrepid lover of the wild, I believe that together we can create a paradigm shift in how we connect to nature and co-exist in harmony. 
Through mindful travel, conservation + sustainability, and purpose-driven projects, I build bridges across industries, elevate meaningful causes and give rise to those who strive to have a positive and authentic (*kick-ass*) impact on our world.

With two decades of professional experience and research in over 45 countries, I have worked closely across cultures in regions such as Africa, SE Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.


work with me

Yosemite Naional Park
consult + facilitate
We all need a little help sometimes...whether it is on a project, special event, expedition, or on our own personal journey. Here are a few of the ways that I can support you, your business, nonprofit or foundation. 

  • Facilitate Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, & Retreats

  • Content Creation (print, web, blogs, & social media)

  • Inspirational & Professional Public Speaking

  • Event & Conference Planning 

  • Develop Organizational Partnerships

  • Education, Training, & Mentoring

  • Strategic Planning & Problem Solving

  • Collaborate With Influencers & Change Makers

  • Craft Compelling Stories to Inspire Action

  • Design & Execute Global Events

  • Program Management & Implementation  

Rise of the Matriarch Expedition 2018
travel + adventure 
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
~M. Oliver
Exploring new cultures, landscapes, experiences and wildlife can truly bring transformation to one's life. Specializing in the solo female traveler experience, I partner with travel companies, lodges, on-the-ground conservation projects, and destination experts to design and lead unique journeys that blend adventure, friendship, discovery, purpose and passion.  
  • Work with Travel Companies to Enhance Social & Environmental Impact 

  • Create Authentic, Transformative Experiences for Travelers

  • Capture & Share Inspiring Stories about Unique People & Places

  • Inspire & Support Women to Explore the World

Kauai, Hawaii
connect + rewild 
Rewild: to return (land) to a more natural state. 

Take a deep breath. Now another one. Being human today often means hustling at a pace with an unprecedented barrage of information, stimulus, stress, overwhelm, and disconnection. The impact of this can wear down our resiliency, strength, focus, compassion, and joy. Through nature-based gatherings, retreats and workshops -- as well as one-on-one sessions -- I offer guidance and tools to help return to a more natural and inspired state of being.
heal + breathe 
Our body has a divine wisdom to heal, repair, and rejuvenate.

Through mind, body and spiritual connection, I offer gentle support, guidance, and mentorship to help you align with your purpose and healing journey. As a Lyme disease surviver, I truly understand the complexities that often arise when unresolved pain is ready to release. I am especially sensitive to those navigating chronic pain and disease, as well as depression, anxiety and trauma.
Trained in wellness, yoga, mediation, somatic healing, breath work, nature-based therapy, chronic pain management and stress/trauma release. 

  • Certified TRE Provider (tension/trauma release exercises). I teach how to release stress in the body and return to a natural calm state of being.

  • Contact me to book a session! (in-person or remotely).  

Conservation Lab, South Afric 2019
speak + inspire 
If you are looking for an energetic, 
authentic, and engaging speaker for your next conference, panel, workshop series, assembly or event ---> look no further! My love for speaking and inspiring diverse audiences has landed me on the stage of We Are Africa/FUSE, Ignite Boulder, MC at San Francisco Green Film Festival, MC at Jane Goodall Institute Youth Stage, Commonwealth Club/Climate One, at Emmy-Award Winning Film Events, universities, conferences, zoos and aquariums and more. 

  • Available to Speak/MC: Conferences, Companies, Schools, Festivals, Zoos/Aquariums, Events, TV/Radio, Video, Workshops, etc

jen with black mambas.png
women + wildlife 
I founded 
Women for Wildlife to support, empower and unite women and girls devoted to wildlife and conservation. With thousands of members across the globe, this movement inspires and connects a global community of women.

  • Professional Trainings, Girls in Science Programs, Field-based Expeditions, Digital Media & Story-telling, Mentorships & Coaching.

  • Partnerships: Earth Island Institute, National Wildlife Federation, Denver Zoo, Ocean Institute, EcoTraining, & more.

let me help you 

Whether you are a company in search of support, or an individual seeking inspiration, healing & adventure, let's see how we can work together! 

Whether you are a company in search of support, or an individual seeking inspiration & adventure, let's see how we can work together! 

featured videos

The essence of exploring and understanding our connection to nature has been shared through story-telling since the beginning of time. Through multi-media tools, videos, print/online/web copy, photography, podcasts, and blogs, I bring voice to the awe-inspiring wonders of our planet and share ways that we all can become explorers and stewards.



"Jen is an inspirational and spontaneous person, passionate for the work that she does, with appreciation and respect for diversity and love for nature  and people. I admire her courage to travel to the most remote communities, exploring nature and meeting people. She is very hard working and committed to work for the benefit of humanity and the environment."

Chief Tashka Yawanawa 
Amazon, Brazil
"It has been my pleasure to witness Jen Palmer's inspired leadership and intelligent, creative and spirited contributions to the protection of the natural world during years of working together as a personal friend and professional colleague with the IUCN, development of the Ocean in Google Earth, the NGO Mission Blue and support of the TED prize wish that I was granted in 2009. She delivers 110% on whatever she undertakes -- a powerful asset for conservation and overall a formidable force for good."

Dr. Sylvia Earle, National Geographic 
Founder and Chair, Mission Blue
"Jen Palmer has spent the past two decades building her experience, skills and knowledge, working with both wildlife and people of all  ages around the world. The result is her impressive ability to dive into new and familiar conservation problems with creativity and effectiveness. She's someone you always want on your team."

Dr. Wallace J Nichols, Author of New York Times Best Seller 'Blue Mind'
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