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Through multi-media tools, videos, print/online/web copy, photography, podcasts, and blogs, I bring voice to the awe-inspiring wonders of our planet and share ways that we all can become explorers. Click on the samples below to learn more, or scroll to the bottom of the page to access an extended 'Media Links' section.



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podcast interviews

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feature spotlights

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blog posts

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media links

+ EcoTraining Feature Story: Women in Conservation 2019 (link)
+ EcoTraining TV Series 2019: Plant Adaptation 1 (link) Plant Adaptation 2 (link)  Plant Adaptation 3 (link)
+ EcoTraining TV Series 2019: Plant Adaptation 4 (link) Plant Adaptation 5 (link) Plant Adaptation 6 (link)
+ Women in the Bush: African Field Guides and Rangers 2019 (link)
+ Interview Feature from the Field: South Africa and Botswana: Podcast 2019 (link)
+ Culturally Ours: Global Narratives That Connect Our World: Podcast 2019 (link)
+ Travel & Things Interview: Podcast 2019 (link)
+ Climate One: Mindful Travel in the Age of Climate Change 2018 (link)
+ Pleiades Member Spotlight 2018 (link)
+ Rise of the Matriarch: Women in Conservation 2018 (link)
+ Journeys with Purpose 2018 (link)
+ George Wright Society Call to Action 2017 (link)

+ Earth Science Women’s Network Feature 2017 (link)

+ Adjust Your Focus: 8 Inspiring Women 2016 (link)

+ Sonder: Human Connection: Ignite Boulder 2015 (link)

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